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The Emerald Isle

List of my recommendations on things to do and see in Dublin, Ireland

Whats in my Day Bag

I don’t know a single person who, when travelling, doesn’t bring a backpack or tote bag with them when they’re out exploring. Now I don’t...

3 Days in Opulent Oman

3 days exploring Oman Now this may seem odd to many and even though I only got to spend 3 days there, Oman is one of my favourite...

What to do in a day in Qatar

I like to think of Qatar as the Unites Arab Emirates’ younger sibling who constantly fights with it. It’s another oil rich, glass and...

What to Wear in the Middle East

Recommendations on what to wear in the Middle East, and how to be culturally sensitive in your clothing choices

Jordan 2018

My trip to Jordan in 2018 along with Tips and advice for my fellow gays that want to adventure there.