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Whats in my Day Bag

I don’t know a single person who, when travelling, doesn’t bring a backpack or tote bag with them when they’re out exploring. Now I don’t know if it’s the gay in me that feels the need to bring my entire life with me in a bag… but two jean pockets are simply not enough space, and there is nothing worse than someone who doesn’t bring their own bag and expects others to carry around their stuff (don’t be that person!).

Here’s a list of what I usually bring in my backpack when I am adventuring out for the day while travelling.

The Bag itself

  • I normally use a good sturdy backpack, one that has good padded straps because with bottles of water the weight can really build up (and I’m no muscle gay).

  • Something like the bag above is a good idea.


  • Most importantly you need your wallet and phone. You won’t get very far without money! Do I even need to explain why you need your phone with you?? (Insta bragging rights of course).

  • PRO TIP!!! I ALWAYS bring two bank cards with me while travelling. Banking apps like Revolut, N26, etc. allow you to have multiple cards. I always bring two, leave one in your accommodation in your safe/ locker and then bring the other with you. This way if you lose one you’re not screwed!

  • EXPERT TIP!!! There is an amazing app called MAPS.ME. It lets you download maps in advance when you have a Wifi connection. Then when you’re out and about and have no Wifi you can use it just like you would Google maps.

Water bottle

  • Now I’d love to say that I bring a reusable bottle with me… but I don’t. I find that they’re always too small. Especially when you’re in the Middle East, you need to be drinking litres of water a day. I normally go to a shop and buy a litre sized plastic bottle of water. If I find drinking fountains I’ll just refill this bottle.

Sun Cream/ block

  • If you’re Irish like me…. its literally ESSENTIAL to put on sun cream before you step foot outside, a farmer’s tan isn’t a good look sis. If you’re planning on going swimming or just need a top-up, it’s good to have some on hand.

Sun hat/cap

  • I always bring a baseball cap with me just in case the sun gets a bit intense. Baseball caps are great because they don’t take up loads of room in your bag.


  • This is for obvious reasons, no need to explain.


  • Bringing an electric fan or a Spanish fan is my personal tip to anyone travelling to a scorching hot destination. The amount of times I have been stuck on busses with no air conditioning or in deserts with no wind. If you’re in the Middle East DO NOT bring a big drag queen fan with SASHAY AWAY across it (gays I’m looking at you). A small battery powered one works the best.

Book/ Kindle

  • I always have a book or Kindle in my bag. You never know when you’ll find somewhere to sit and relax, or even when you’re on a bus or just waiting around. Now if you’re currently reading something thickkk, think Harry Potter books, don’t bother… that’ll break your back with the weight

  • Honestly Kindles are a great investment for travelling. They’re slim, lightweight and have a battery life of a month. They’re a great investment if you love to read while abroad.

Headphones/ Speaker

  • If you’re like me and are CONSTANTLY listening to music, then it’s a no brainer that you’ll have your headphones with you. In fact, my headphones won’t even be in my bag because there always on my head.

  • A portable Bluetooth speaker is a great shout to bring (JBL do great mini ones). If you’re lounging on the beach, kiki’ing with a new friend or just getting ready for a night out some music is key. Just keep it low, you don’t want to be one of those obnoxious groups that play techno super loud so that everyone in the country can hear it!

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