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Why I Started


Hey there, 

My name is Alan. I’m a mid-20s out and proud man from a small town near Dublin, Ireland. I have always loved to travel - having been lucky enough to go on numerous family holidays when I was younger - but it was only after a trip to Iceland in 2017 that reinforced travelling as my passion.  I’ve since visited 22 countries worldwide.

My first major trip was to the Middle East in 2018, visiting Israel, Palestine and Jordan. I quickly fell in love with the region; the people, the food, the sights and smells. I’ve since visited a further four Middle Eastern countries and hope to visit the rest by 2023. 

While researching in advance of this particular trip, I struggled to find any advice or tips from LGBT+ travelers to that particular region. I often found myself having to follow advice from straight male travelers or from female travelers...... (which I personally found more helpful for my Middle Eastern adventures). 

It is because of this, that I decided to start the Global Gay; a blog for those of us in the community that want to travel and get the most out of travelling with helpful advice and tips from a fellow gay.

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